May blog



What a April that was wet followed by a mini heat wave that actually served a purpose and got a number of games across the county on when all looked doomed a week before.

it shows we can do our bit as groundsman but the weather really does make all the difference we can do only so much to aid drying so next time a wicket is a bit softer than you like due to weather don’t take it personally ,when you get criticised from those players who have little understanding of the conditions we have to work under .,Never be afraid to kindly educate them that we play on a cricket square consisting of loam which is made up of clay ,silt and sand and due to the clay content is not designed to drain well and we can only assist in the drying process.

The drying process also need a active ­čî▒┬áplant to pull moisture out of the soil so drying pitches early season with reduced grass growth again can hinder drying.

Keep up the sterling work…




plan to complete pre season rolling


Due to the Mini heatwave we are about there pre season rolling wise ,getting a peg into our square now is hard work and takes a hammer to get it in so compaction wise l am happy with just the addition of a couple of extra rolls after this spell of rain has gone.







As we all know been the wettest past 4 month for ten years so annual meadow grass (weed grass) has really blossomed most of us have this the signs are of a clumpy grass that’s constantly flowering and is yellow in appearance .

The way forward with this weed grass is a good end of season scarification and overseed with a desired grass (perrenial  ryegrass) and from there in Spring and early Summer verticutting to reduce the spread and allow the ryegrass to fill in.


below image of our first wicket -see how annual meadow grass(small grass clumps)are at the end of the pitch.





Pitch preparation


Pitch preparation in May with the currant weather is around 20 days this will reduce to 14 and down to 10 as the season goes on,we start pitch preparation by reducing the height of cut down to around 10mm and thin out the grass cover till we can see some soil .

Once the grass is cut down at 10 mm we access whether the profile has moisture or if not we add water using irrigation and  then allow a day or two to soak in ,sometimes using a sheet or domes to prevent evaporation ,this will allow water to get into the surface before we start rolling..


If not too late always good to ensure you have a a plan of pitch positions on paper or at worst in your mind,ours below.







Mini clinic -Ansty

We tend to use a pitch for 2/3 weekend often including midweek games then move on ,come to the mini clinic on the 22 nd of May to find out practically how to repair the ends after use ,will also be discussing fertilising and having a practical demonstration of how to fill in footholes.

£7 includes (members )a proper sausage roll and a free prize draw for ticket for a game at Hove,there will be a bar after also.


its your assocation set up for your benefit please consider attending.


Grass cutting


May will be obviously been a busy month with cutting of hedges,rough areas,banks ,outfields,squares and wickets always wise to keep a regular check on the cutting blades to ensure you get a clean as possible cut especially on the finer turf areas ,any issues setting up mowers come to the mini clinic and we can run through any questions .


lets hope for a kind month weather wise this may and hope to meet you all on the 22nd at Ansty cricket club,details will be be sent out to members in the next few days,


keep up up the great work..












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