Pitch advisory

As part of my role as a pitch advisor l can do site visits in the form of a mini visit or a full pitch quality standard report on behalf of the England and Wales Cricket Board.

Benefits of such reports .

-Visits highlight any  layers ,root break ,soil structural issues that effect pitch performance.

-Reports identify weed numbers,soil profile depths ,thatch levels.

-Soil analysis ie p.h levels ,phosphorus and potassium levels.soil strength testing ,compatibility testing .

-Independent  view upon your surface with a report that will assist you in putting together a short,medium and long term plan for the surface.

-Assisting  in using resources ,equipment sustainably and in turn saving and prioritising funds to where they are needed.

-Reports will include conclusions nd recommendation and can be used in funding for ECB projects .

l also offer separately advice on any surface ,l have experience as a pro groundman for the football association and can assist with advising in most areas of sports turf.